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Costume Rental

Costumes for Infants and Kids

Costumes for Adults

INFANTS AND Kids' Costume Rentals:


Cost Per Use: Immerse your child in a world of imagination with our infants' and kids' costumes, available for a captivating experience over THREE (3) adventure-filled days.


Impeccable Enchantment: Each costume is a testament to quality and artistry. We ensure that every detail shines, allowing your little ones to embark on seamless adventures.


Personalized Magic: Ignite your child's creativity by personalizing their chosen costumes. Let their imagination run wild as they bring their favorite characters to life.


Refined Security: Secure your rental with a modest PHP500.00 security deposit. Upon the safe return of the costume after three days, your deposit is swiftly returned.


Captivating Choices: Explore a captivating array of kids' costumes, including the Pink Filipiniana, Panda Onesie, Glitzy Dress, Wonder Woman, Buzz Lightyear, Orange Witch, and Chase from Paw Patrol. For your little loved ones, we have Cat in the Hat and Sailor Moon. Each option promises a unique adventure, priced at just PHP300.00 per use (three days).


Adults' Costume Rentals:


Cost Per Use: Elevate your experience with the Totoro and Lady Pirate costumes, available for an enchanting experience over THREE (3) wonderful days. Embrace the magic and relish your transformation.


Seamless Assurance: A PHP800.00 security deposit accompanies your fun adventure. It's a testament to your commitment, and it's promptly returned upon the safe and timely return of the costume after three days.


Discover the Magic: Dive into the enchanting world of Totoro, capturing hearts and igniting imaginations. Your Totoro experience starts at PHP600.00 per use (three days).


Effortless Reservations: Ensure your journey with Totoro awaits you with our easy reservation system, making your costume experience stress-free.


Experience the wonder of Niko Niko Costume Rentals, where each costume tells a unique story. From Pink Filipiniana to Totoro, your adventure awaits! Fill out the form below to begin!


*** Late Fees: Should the costumes not be returned promptly, a PHP 200 fee will be deducted initially from your security deposit. Once that is exhausted, we will bill you after. 




If we don't have what you need, let us know via Contact Us!

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